pakuncen stealing memory

Maybe it’s just an environmental issue that could take me back to Jogja and stay there for more than two weeks, kind of long journey because it’s been years since I’m not  leaving home for such a long time. Especially to the city with a love-hate memory before.

Because of the theme is Low Carbon Eco City, I submitted myself as one of the teams who will develop one of the city village in Jogja. Not a ‘real’ develop, because we are in a contest with another team to present the best design for the chosen city village.

But the great one is, we work not with our team from Universitas Indonesia, but we spread into five teams and have to work together with other students some university in Central Java, and from France also. Yes, this is the time to learn about connectivity in a different culture. My team was named Bromo, consist of 4 Indonesian students, me,  Bayu, Wisnu and Yohana and 4 France students, Perrine, Aurelien, Come, Mahy, with a different background such as architecture, urban planning, sustainability, and landscape. Also Mr. Romeo from France with Mrs Ova Candra and Mr Teguh Utomo from Indonesia who guiding us to do the project.  Of course, with that composition, we deserve to have a good solution for the place that we’ve been assigned. Continue reading