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6 things to do at morrissey hotel residence jakarta


Arrived at Morrissey Hotel Residence by the end of December, find yourself walk through the stair and meet those red coach, chilling around by the lounge of the ‘klasse’ and warm yourself before join to the nest.

1. Cooking

Yes, all the room that you stay at Morrissey has the mini pantry that you can cook your food by yourself. Once you enter the room, there’s a table completed with electric stove, a kitchen sink, and a small microwave to heat up my food. That drawer under the table filled with the knife, spoons, cups, even pans for do a real cooking experience. Don’t be afraid of the smell, because an exhaust fan can suck all the smoke and smell out of our cooking experience. Even in the cabinet above can be found glasses and plates in various sizes that can be used. Bring your own instant food, and avoid starving. Continue reading 6 things to do at morrissey hotel residence jakarta

main smartphone videografi di morrissey hotel menteng


Mendung pagi itu tak menghalangiku untuk tiba di Morrissey Hotel di bilangan Menteng dan mengikuti kelas Smart Phone Videografi dari Mas Teguh Sudarisman. Memang selama ini walaupun aku sering menyimpan video sebagai salah satu perangkat dokumentasi, tapi karena tidak bisa mengedit dengan baik, maka aku berminat untuk mengikuti workshop ini. Apalagi lokasi workshopnya di Morrissey Hotel Residence karya arsitek Andra Matin, walaupun sudah pernah beberapa kali makan di sini, tapi belum pernah juga mengulik sisi dalamnya. Kesempatan bagus untuk belajar di sini, sambil mengintip-intip hotel cantik ini, nih. Continue reading main smartphone videografi di morrissey hotel menteng