6 things to do at morrissey hotel residence jakarta


Arrived at Morrissey Hotel Residence by the end of December, find yourself walk through the stair and meet those red coach, chilling around by the lounge of the ‘klasse’ and warm yourself before join to the nest.

1. Cooking

Yes, all the room that you stay at Morrissey has the mini pantry that you can cook your food by yourself. Once you enter the room, there’s a table completed with electric stove, a kitchen sink, and a small microwave to heat up my food. That drawer under the table filled with the knife, spoons, cups, even pans for do a real cooking experience. Don’t be afraid of the smell, because an exhaust fan can suck all the smoke and smell out of our cooking experience. Even in the cabinet above can be found glasses and plates in various sizes that can be used. Bring your own instant food, and avoid starving.




2. Sitting beneath the window

A large sitting room and equipped with a bathroom and a dining table are going to be a gathering place that is fun to just read a book. Once you in, you’ll be in love with the sofa which located next to the window. I think I can spend my time reading or just watching TV. This area is comfort for chit chatting while cooking. And see, Bintang find her pleasure here. At the corner, there is a powder room, and super big wardrobe to fit all your luggage.
All white. Those bare naked brick on one side feels like the accent to space. The warm descanted lamp gives the romantic ambiance to the room. And bring your beloved here. Ehh..





3. Go to Bed

The best thing about this room is.. this is a loft. And I love it so much! The bedroom located above the pantry and powder room, with wooden step narrow stair (but sorry, when I thought lovers would hold his spouse upstair, maybe gonna be such difficult). An iron handrail will help you through the path until find the bed.
I love the bed, the hugable pillow, the headboard, and suddenly fall sleepy. The most I love is the wardrobe with folding mirror door. It’s very compact to fit this small room. And the mirror above the lavatory as the storage for any toiletries. Really clean and smart layout. The bathroom shower edged with glass and simplified the room. By the time I reading or watching TV, finally, I sleep after midnight.






4. Eating Outside

The easy part, Morrissey is located at Wahid Hasyim! One of the road with street food around. For dinner, I choose lamb satay at the corner of Jalan Sabang. You can easily find this place when you walk from Morrissey to the west. Not only the lamb satay, they also provide chicken satay instead. And when you want to find Indonesian food, there’s a lot of choice at Jalan Sabang. You can try many kind ‘nasi goreng’. But if you want something ‘safe’, don’t worry. There’s McDonald’s at Sarinah Building, at the corner of Jalan Wahid Hasyim and Jalan MH Thamrin. There are so many options of dishes around, from street food until fine dining.
But I want something special. I go to the famous Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih. It cooked with a big pan, with so many people queuing. Their lamb fried rice which cost IDR 35000 located at Jalan Kebon Sirih, and I thought it still walkable from Morrissey. And when the place is full, just take away the dishes and bring back to the loft. Remember, we have the pantry!! So, either you have something from McD or street food, just turn on that stove or microwave then enjoy your late dinner. Ugh, I forget my tummy.




5. Swimming

Not to forget, play with water on the top roof of the hotel! By the December and January, swimming in the late noon will feel a little chill. An infinite pool can make us look at the traffic down there, the surrounding building, the sky and the cloud behind the roof. The 25 meters length with 120 cm depth swimming pool is suitable for a single alone swimmer or spending family time in the water. And there is a baby pool too! With only 15 cm water depth, the baby can play in the water safely. Of course, the parents should look after them. A roof covered the whole swimming pool with some opening so we can play with the water and diverse ambiance between close and open roof.
Not only pool deck along the water edge, there’s a big room that can use as a community room. With the sofa and dining table inside, possible if you want to make a small party and just chit chat in the morning, noon or night.









6. Reading

My favorite place is open air roof top with so many benches and table that look very nice to expose my laziness. Cute design of the outdoor furniture in soft color pleasure our eyes and made me sorry because don’t bring a lot of books upstairs. Located at 8th floor aside the swimming pool, this place refreshes your mind from city crowd, waiting for the sun fade away into the night. And of course, this is an Instagrammable place. Hmm, seems like a garden party will be lovely. Wanna try?





I have look around this hotel by the time I join the videography workshop a few weeks before, and I’m glad have a chance to visit here and get another experience from Morrissey. Get yourself comfort here!

Morrissey Hotel Residence
Jalan KH. Wahid Hasyim No.70,
Menteng, Jakarta 10340, Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 2993 3333
+62 21 2993 2222
Mobile: +62 811 1650 333
Fax: +62 21 2993 3332
Email: sales@iammorrissey.co


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